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Does your organization need an inspirational presentation to promote personal growth and self compassion? Are you in search of a speaker who can help your attendees succeed in this chaotic and noisy world? Do you want to protect your workers from the damages of Compassion Fatigue and keep your customer base happy? If you need any of these topics covered and more, call Dr. Kimberly Morris (765-461-4099).

Dr. Kimberly Morris is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, a professional speaker, and an author. She is passionate about sharing her psychological knowledge on topics of most importance to organizations and groups. Contact her for your speaker needs that can include understanding mood and its impact on performance and productivity, Compassion Fatigue, womens’ health and transition, stress/coping, role strain, and much more. Let her design a presentation for you and your group/organization.

Dr. Kimberly Morris

What people say about Dr. Morris as a presenter

Your talk helps me to look at (the) ‘bigger’ picture in life versus ‘case by case’

— Business Owner

It was really nice to know that we are not alone in our feelings sometimes and I feel validated in my frustrations. I especially appreciate your tips on how to take care of yourself so that I don’t feel as tired and overwhelmed. Again, thank you for your time, energy, and knowledge.”~

— Lauren

A contributing author

In early 2017, Sharon Reed invited me to join a collaborative book project, "Meet Me At The Well". Each of 10 women agreed to meditate on John 4, a chapter that describes the experience of the Samaritan woman who encounters JESUS at the well. Each author prayed, meditated, and wrote one chapter of the book. The Holy Spirit led me to write about the way that people and words had shaped the Samaritan woman's life.

Words have always been very powerful to me. Right words built me up; wrong words tore me down. Until I learned the secret, I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster. If words spoken by others have ever made you feel like you are riding on an emotional rollercoaster, my chapter in "Meet Me At The Well" is written just for you. Through my life events, I explain how to turn away from negative human words and turn to the uplifting power in GODs word. At the end of the chapter, I pray that you learn what GOD says about your life and your future so that you, too, can escape the word rollercoaster.

Dr. Morris contributed to writing 'Meet me at the Well'

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